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We purchased a pressure washer, but before it arrived a severe drought was declared and for 18 months we couldn't use it. Never even tried to start it. Finally about a month ago, I got it out, added gas and oil and attempted to start it. I was not able to. I pulled the spark plug to see if it was getting spark and in doing so, felt compression as I held it grounded as I pulled the starting cord. I also found a gas leak between the tank and the engine, so I took into North Cobb Mower * Rental in Ackworth, GA. They held it for almost two weeks before calling us back and informed us the rod was broken. I went over to the shop and they handed me a rag filled with shattered piston rod parts and expected me to believe it was like that when I brought it in.

First of all, the noise it would have made when I attempted to start it would have been quite noticeable. Secondly, I would not have felt any compression from the spark plug hole when I pulled the starting cord. Thirdly, I've rebuilt numerous car and small engines over the years, so I know a little bit about it.

Obviously, I can't cost effectively prove it, but I would think twice about taking anything to be repaired to these jokers.

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I'm sure it was like that this guy just pissed off and needs s omone to blame. YOU JOKER


haha this guy don't even know how to spell acworth.

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